S. S. English Medium School was established in 1993. The school is recognized By the Government of Maharashtra and Education is imparted as per the syllabus provided by the Government.

The School Seeks to impart a sound Physical Mental and moral training based on Indian Values without distinction of Caste creed or community.

The children are taught to be happy, honest, true, simple and loving.

Life’s first Lessons are learnt in school to respect the elders, to be sincere, obey our parents and teachers. All these are learnt in the life’s best years.

The school tries its best to in build all these values in the child.

Education is basis for leading a purposeful life in the physical world, in the realm of the mind and in society. It equips one with the mental strength and steadiness to face the challenges of life.

Real education should enable one to realize that mankind is one family. It should help one to experience the unifying force in society.

Every effort should be made to utilize education for the purpose of divinizing of man. Education without character is like music without melody. Possess the head of Sankaracharya, the heart of Buddha and hands of Janaka.

The purpose of Studying is to steady the mind.