The school encourages the participation in different sport activities and we have students in speed ball tournament, Athletics, Karate competition at National level, Cricket & Base-ball tournament, Mini Marathon, winning medals and winner’s trophy awards.

The Pune Zilha Parishad Organized Net ball, Soft ball & Base ball Tournament. The School was declared Third in goal average.

The Maharashtra Amateur Rope Skipping Association Nashik conducted State level Rope Skipping completion. The School won 3 Gold,2 Silver, under age group sub junior.

The School participated in International speed ball Championship 2018-19 winning 2 Gold, 2 Bronze under the age group of 17 Girls.

The Pune District Malkhamb Association had organized Malkhamb Competition. The school Malkhamb Team winning 2 Bronze

The School won 3 Gold, 2 Silver in Thykondo organized by Kala-Krida Foundation Baramati.

Shotokar Karate Association organized State level Karate competition The School won 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze.

The School had participated in State level Sport Danu Competition winning 2 Gold Medals.