S. S. English Medium School

Academics & Curriculum


SSEMS designs and implements skill and activities, adapting to project and assignment based curriculum. The students learn in a stress free environment giving opportunity to make use of innovative thinking and experimental learning. The academic programs is promoted to develop formal study skills and work habits. Classroom techniques like group work, role play, speeches, presentations are encouraged to develop communication skills.



SSEMS philosophy is "Joy in learning" Learning is imparted through Activity based teaching, kinesthetic and motor development, play way method, linguistic rhyme and rhythm, audio visual aid.

1st to 4th

English, Marathi, Hindi, EVS, Maths, Value Education, General knowledge, Computer ,Physical training, Art and Craft, Music, Dance.

5th to 8th

English, Marathi, Hindi, Science, Maths, Social Studies, Computer, Value Education, General knowledge, Physical training, Art and Craft, Music.

9th &10th

English, Marathi, Hindi, Maths 1&2 ,Science 1&2, Social Studies, ICT, Self development, Art Appreciation, Self Defense, Physical training. Students prepare for the Secondary State Board Examination. The school also prepare the students for various competitive exams Govt scholarship exams

For Std 7th ,8th,9th

Olympiad exam in English, Science, Maths, ICT, General knowledge. Hindi Rashtrabhasha Exam

For Std 5th & 8th

Elementary & Intermediate drawing examination.

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